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8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the High-End Real Estate Professional/Mom

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Being a mother is a full-time job, but for moms who work in real estate, especially upper-tier real estate, it can feel like having two full-time jobs at once! This Mother’s Day, show the real estate professional/mother in your life your appreciation with these eight gift ideas.

For the real estate mom/wine enthusiast

Whether she’s celebrating selling a home or just wants to wind down at the end of the day, a customized wine label is a perfect gift for the real estate mom/wine enthusiast. Plus, you could even personalize it with a company name and logo and give it to clients!

customized wine label
Personal Wine: $22

For the real estate mom who loves to relax

Bring the spa home with a customizable robe! Available in 25 different colors, this elegant and sophisticated gift is perfect for the real estate mom who needs some much-deserved rest and relaxation.
personalized robe for mother's day

Etsy: $23.40+

For real estate mom who loves “tiny” homes

“Tiny” home has a whole new meaning with this gift! Whether she’s an HGTV fan or just adores miniature replicas, a made-to-order mailbox is a fun way to give a nod to the real estate mom who absolutely loves homes.

customized home mailbox

Etsy: $350

For the real estate mom who runs on Dunkin’ (or just coffee in general)

Always on-the-go, real estate agents sometimes have to take their office with them in order to meet clients. For the mom that needs an extra boost of caffeine, this Starbucks travel mug is the perfect companion to keep you going from sunrise to sunset. You can even add your name to the mug for an additional $2.

realtor starbucks mug

Etsy: $11+

For the real estate mom/art collector

With many real estate professionals working long hours, this gorgeous personalized house portrait is a great reminder of home.

home painting

Etsy: $64+

For the real estate mom who needs to unwind at the end of the day

Although real estate can be a deeply rewarding career, it’s not without its stresses. That’s why these wine glasses are perfect for the mom who needs to unwind after a long day at the office.

wine glass real estate sold sigh

Amazon: $19.99

For the real estate mom who loves “comps”

One of the benefits of working in real estate is that there are a variety of skills you need to apply on a daily basis. For the real estate professional who has an eye for appraisal, this “Running comps is my cardio” poster is a perfect gift.

real estate agent comps poster

Etsy: $3.50 (digital download)

For the real estate mom who loves learning

Whether your real estate mom wants to take her career to the next level or just soak in information and ideas from industry experts, the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing provides highly-rated live and online training for those working in, or aspire to work in, the upper-tier real estate market.

Luxury Live Training

Luxury Live – from $550; Luxury Online – $495

So, this Mother’s Day, make sure the real estate mom in your life feels the appreciation she deserves.

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