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The All-Black Kitchen Makes A Statement In Luxury Homes

2015 design trends move away from the all-white kitchen

Luxury Kitchen - Modern Rustic


In addition to being a hub of family and social life within the home, kitchens are an important way for homeowners to make a statement about their property, identity, and taste. As a result of their place at the heart of a home, kitchens are the second most frequently remodeled room in the house—second only to bathrooms. This year, the pendulum has swung away from the popular all-white kitchen and toward the opposite extreme: the black kitchen.

Kitchen Design Goes Over To The Dark Side

In 2015, bright-red cabinets and white tile are being eclipsed by darker colors. The beginning of this trend can be seen in the stunning 2014 Kitchen of the Year, designed by designer Steven Miller for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which featured all-black cabinetry, dark tile backsplashes, and a steely grey ceiling. But why the turn toward darker hues? Black kitchens—or ones dominated by other dark shades—make a statement about the home and its owners: bold, strong, sleek, and luxurious. This design idea is particularly fitting for the luxury homeowner who craves a high-end kitchen that leaves a lasting impression.

Here are a few tips for incorporating darker tones into luxury kitchen design:

  • Cabinetry or countertops are perhaps the easiest way to introduce dark tones into the luxury kitchen. If all-black cabinets seem overwhelming, why not balance them out with a white marble countertop or soften the look with distressed or textured wood?
  • To darken the kitchen further, consider bringing in black or dark-colored appliances.
  • Dark wood flooring. If you want to go black but worry that the look will be too overwhelming, dark wood floors are a fantastic way to give the space a warm, rustic feel.
  • Black and green. Perhaps the only look more luscious than an all-black kitchen is a black-and-green kitchen. Apartment Therapy suggests this color combination as a way to make the black kitchen warm, earthy, and even more unique.
  • Look books. The internet is brimming with image-rich resources. Use these to show your clients just how stunning their high-end, on-trend black kitchen could be. (For example, check out this Pinterest board.)

The Institute gathers the best and the brightest for Leaders in Luxury in Puerto Rico!


The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing hosted its annual Leaders in Luxury event, an invitation-only education and networking event for real estate professionals who are true experts in the luxury residential market - those who work from $1,000,000 to $1000,000,000 price point. 

Our premier event gathered the profession’s best and brightest for three information-packed days of learning and networking. Attendees shared ideas, heard from industry experts, created new relationships and connected with old friends. The sharing of marketing techniques and best practices weren’t limited to the classroom either! Attendees took the opportunity to mix business with pleasure by coming in early or staying late to enjoy mini-mastermind sessions on the beach.

This ultra-exclusive event kicked off with a welcome reception and annual Marketing Awards Dinner recognizing the winners of this year’s luxury marketing competition. The event’s agenda included insights from keynote speakers like Krista Neher, Author and International Digital Media Consultant; Laurie Moore-Moore, Founder of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing; Christopher Kai, Speaker Consultant and Author of “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities.” The agenda also included numerous top agent presentations, expert panels and ample networking opportunities.

This year’s event was a memorable one! Laurie Moore-Moore was honored by this year’s Advisory Board and attendees for her contributions to the real estate industry over the last 40 years. Laurie was not only awarded the Leaders in Luxury Lifetime Achievement award, but was also presented with a travel bag filled with handwritten notes to take on her retirement travels.

What attendees had to say:

Michael Morrison – “The most powerful, thoughtful, and propelling three days you will spend on your business”

Jennifer Fuller – “Leaders in Luxury consistently delivers with fantastic content. The thought leaders of the luxury home market are all here, sharing the fruits of knowledge and developing lasting business and personal relationships.

J Andrew Arlegui – “An invigorating event, and I am honored to be part of this group of talented real estate professionals”

Jim Walberg – “Leaders in Luxury is the one conference we commit to each year because of the rich content and the extraordinary relationships that unfold”

Joyce Tawes – “I’ve attended all but one of the LIL events. For some reason this was very best networking I have had and I’m looking forward to next year, and staying in touch with everyone throughout the year.”

Karen Abrams – “It was a great meeting with top agents in the business, all sharing best practices and learning from each other and guest speakers.”

Sharon Arnett – “Best of the best in luxury real estate in a culture of sharing ideas and business practices. Leaders in Luxury is the conference you can’t afford to miss.”

Nancy Rondeau – “Excellent key note speakers, informative panelists and breakout sessions. Great opportunity for networking, building on exclusive contacts focused on serving the upscale residential industry. A leader in Luxury delivers maximum value in just a couple of days, and assisting attendees to achieve great success in their business.”

Jon Barnwell – “Attending Leaders in Luxury was truly a pleasure. The level of experience, both on and off stage, is absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen so much class at a real estate conference.”

Nadine Deason – “Leaders in Luxury truly allows each of us to learn new skills to improve our knowledge, build on our self-confidence, and aspire to the level of the greatest luxury agents nationwide. Thank for this opportunity!”

Leigh Hayes – “Fast paced and exciting conference with great minds willing, ready and able to share.”

Mary Smith – “I feel honored to be an attendee of this fabulous event! I’m ready and excited about next year’s event.”

Christine Battista – “Leaders in Luxury is the luxury industry’s best-in-class education and networking event. LIL is a not to be missed event for anyone serious about luxury real estate!”

Erik Brown – “I always attend a conference look for a few good take away and I was blown away by the amount of quality concepts I can implement in my business. Excited to begin!”

A big "thank you" to our sponsors, speakers and all the remarkable luxury professionals from around the U.S. and Canada who joined us in Puerto Rico for this year’s event.

We’ll be announcing the location for Leaders in Luxury 2016 soon.  

Stay tuned.

Why & How Event Marketing Works In Luxury Real Estate

As illustrated in the 2014 Wealth-X Luxury Sentiment Survey Report, luxury brands are turning away from more traditional marketing methods and using event marketing to cater to ultra-high-net-worth consumers. High-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals are drawn to the VIP, invite-only aspect of the events, as well as the opportunity to expand their peer group and possibly learn about other high-end products and services offered by partners or sponsors.

Event marketing has the potential to make a big impact on a professional’s bottom line.

Wealth-X data shows that 84% of luxury marketers host events targeted at UHNW consumers, and that these events are centrally focused on making connections. For those who calculate the return on investment of event marketing, 58% experienced an ROI of greater than 50%. Of these highly successful event organizers, 72% said that event marketing had the highest ROI of all of their marketing initiatives.

For real estate professionals in the luxury market, VIP-only events are an effective way to connect with clients and prospects, build brand awareness, and win contracts. “My goal with VIP real estate events is to build top-of-mind awareness,” said Michael Morrison, owner of Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate Morrison House. “I want people to tell others what a great event they attended. I want them to talk about us, our listings and our marketing efforts, and to think of me when they want to buy or sell.”

  • Highlight Lifestyle. Luxury real estate events are designed to highlight the unique and attractive lifestyle of a luxury home or high-end residential area. Morrison, an Institute of Luxury Home Marketing member, recently invited VIP clients and prospects on a “floating home tour.” “It generated leads and pushed listing prospects over the edge,” Morrison said of the event. “I would say about 4 listings totaling over $7million are being taken because of it.”
  • Partner With Other Luxury Brands. Partner luxury brands add their key clients to the invitation list, and might also act as sponsors, covering the financial cost of the event in exchange for getting face-to-face time with their key clients and any new UHNW clients met at the event. These brands offer guests the chance to learn about luxury products, such as wine, watches, yachts, and high-end cars.
  • Partner With Charity. Many event organizers also partner with a local charity organization, so that the wealthy guests can give to a worthy cause.
  • Cast A Deep Net, Not A Wide One. If everyone on your mailing list is invited, then you’re not giving your UHNW clients, prospects, and referrals the VIP treatment that they expect. Luxury event marketing is successful when it retains its exclusivity and high-end appeal. These VIP guests are often invited via custom direct mail, personal email, or phone call.
  • Organize You Event Well In Advance. One of the most important factors determining the success of a luxury marketing event is planning. An event that is planned well in advance can be advertised over a longer period of time, enabling the host to secure the most important clients, prospects, and referrals, as well as the most ideal strategic partners or sponsors.