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A real estate script from Warren Buffet?


Billionaire business man, Warren Buffet, was quoted recently as saying, “It is better to buy a great company for a fair price than a fair company at a great price.”  It strikes us that this is true about many purchase decisions, including the choice of a real estate professional.

For example (with apologies to Mr. Buffet), when negotiating your professional fee with a seller who says, “Your competitor will do it for less,” one answer might be, “Well, it seems to me that perhaps it would be better to choose a great Realtor at a fair price than a fair Realtor at a great price.” If your seller counters with, “I want a great Realtor at a great price,” you could respond with, “Given the value I can bring to your transaction, that’s exactly what I am offering you – a great Realtor at a great price – a price that offers real value.” This assumes of course that in your presentation, you have established the value of working with you. 

Middle Eastern Royalty Negotiating for Lavish 68-room Sardinian Estate, Will $541 Million be the Final Price?

Saudi king blog post
Rumors are rife that former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is selling Villa Certosa, his lavish estate on Sardinia’s exclusive Costa Esmeralda, to Saudi Arabian royalty for $541 million. The estate sprawls over 296 acres and features 68 rooms, six swimming pools, an underground grotto where small boats can dock, an amphitheater, and a man-made volcano that erupts on command.

Arabian Business reports that Saudi Arabian Prime Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, is buying the property on behalf of his uncle King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Italian daily Corriere della Sera previously reported that Berlusconi was seeking $552 million for the secluded Mediterranean estate, which became a symbol of his flamboyant lifestyle during his years in power.