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Combination Yacht-Submarines Take Luxury Living Below the Waves

Super-Yachts Near Marbella_
For clients who want to go beyond waterfront living or desire something more than just a yacht, How about a superyacht or a personal submarine?  How about both?

Luxury on the high seas was just taken to a whole new level with a ground-breaking partnership between EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines.  The collaboration combines the world’s leading supplier of superyachts, with the world’s personal submarine industry; promising to result in the most luxurious yacht-subs ever designed.

Clients will have the ability to not only take their superyachts to remote and unique locations not previously accessible, but also dive those yacht-subs over 1,000 meters below the surface. Working closely with yacht owners (or charter clients), the company will guide vessels into pristine, seldom visited areas by organizing, planning, permitting and leading expeditions – some with a scientific aspect. 

EYOS Partner Rob McCallum adds in Elite Traveler’s article, “This could be the perfect opportunity to discover a species and name it after yourself.” How many of your clients would love that?  At the very least, owners will have a truly unique floating and diving residence. Read the full article here.