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Real Estate franchises high on list of nation’s top franchise systems

The “Franchise Times Top 200” is an annual ranking of the 200 largest franchise systems in the U.S.  Rankings are based on system-wide sales for the previous year.  Seven real estate franchisors made this year’s list, which was published this month. 

In determining the sales for ranking purposes, The Franchise Times (FT) estimated real estate franchise companies’ total sales based on 2.5% percent of the reported value of homes they sold.  In other words, a home sold for $200,000 would result in 2.5% of that number, or $5,000 credited to the franchise’s sales. 

See the chart below for this year’s ranking of real estate franchise systems based on sales.  Note that rankings would change if based on number of offices or number of agents.  Click to register to view the entire Top 200 list.

Franchise ranking 2013 report