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U.S. Inventory Down, Median Prices Up

Stewart Title Economist analyzes NAR stats

Ted Jones, the Chief Economist for Stewart Title, has taken a close look at July inventory levels and median list prices, as tabulated by the National Association of Realtors.  Here’s Ted’s summary report.  For information about your market, check out NAR’s monthly statistics.

Ted Jones:   Prices of all goods, services and real estate are reached in a market dynamic of supply and demand.  The supply of homes on the market parallels the number of listings available for sale on the multiple listing services in the country.  Each month, tabulates listing and asking prices for the U.S. and for 146 separate markets across the country.

Nationally, the total number of listings on the market at the end of July 2013 was 1.959 million, a decline of 5.24 percent when compared to 2012.  The listing count in July 2013, was up in just 29 of the 146 markets (20 percent), while the median listing price was up in 108 out of the 146 markets (74 percent).  Editor’s note: Median age of the listing inventory is 85 days.

The country’s median listing price was up 5.27 percent to $199,900.  In contrast, the median sales price of existing homes in June 2013 (the latest data available) was $214,200.  Since the median list price is less than the median sales price, this would indicate that more high-end homes are selling at this time. Editor’s note: There may be some sales above list as well.

So where are listing prices the highest across the country?  And the lowest?   The following tables show the 10 most expensive housing markets based on asking price, and the 10 markets with the lowest current median list price.  Eight of the top-10 are in California, with Honolulu and Washington, D.C. rounding out the list.  On the lower asking price list, eight of 10 are in the Midwest, with Ocala. Florida, and Macon, Georgia rounding out the 10.

Want to see how your market stacks up?  To view the entire listing summary, click

Highest Median Listing Price July 2013


Lowest Median Listing Price July 2013

Largest Decline in Listings

Largest Increase in Listings

--Ted Jones, Chief Economist, Stewart Title

Paper-based Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen countertops continue to evolve and real estate professionals in the luxury arena need to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not.  So here’s a link to a site that features 15 popular countertop choices -- from zinc to paper-based (yes, paper!) -- plus the pros and cons of each.  Take a look and you’ll be more knowledgeable about the options available to your clients and customers.

Have it your way! Household amenities based on interests and lifestyles

Brew CaveMad about music?  Equip your shower with Kohler’s new Moxie singing shower head that streams music as well as water for just $199.  Beer lover?  How about an $8,000 Brew Cave walk-in refrigerator that will keep 30 cases of beer, six kegs, and a draft dispensing system at perfect temperature?  Conflicted about whether to hang a painting or TV over the fireplace?  Hang both.  With a fine art TV cover, your television is disguised as a piece of elegant artwork.  With the simple press of a button, your canvas painting quietly rolls up inside the frame to reveal your flat panel HDTV.

These are just three of the new features you might find in today’s homes.  While you might consider these amenities a bit frivolous, they are indicative of the small custom conveniences which homeowners can choose from based on their interests, lifestyles and budgets.