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Spring home fashions = color!

Spring is in the air and the fashions for Spring 2013 are already appearing in the retail stores. While it's always interesting to see what clothing designers are offering for the upcoming season, what's of more (or at least equal) interest to real estate professionals is what's ahead in home fashion and decor.

Pantone Colors
Here is a sneak preview of the colors which will dominate this Spring in both clothing and in home interiors. The hues you see on the runway are predictors of the colors which will soon be seen in wall paints, furnishings, and other home fashions from towels to tablecloths. So, if you want to know the colors which top builders and interior decorators will be working with later this year, see the Top 10 hues in the “Spring 2013 Fashion Color Report” from Pantone.  Download the report and you’ll also get a bonus peek at the fashions retailers are hoping you’ll take home and add to your closets.

The “Top 10” colors are the colors you’ll want to keep in mind as you stage your listings (color makes things look fresher and more appealing).  With colors like these on the home fashion horizon, it appears that Spring will be bright!