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Not Your Average Snow Fort

Harbin Ice Castle

You may not be able to list and sell these massive, imaginative snow creations, but they sure are pretty to look at and in some cases very functional!  This Old House Online recently showcased 14 of the world’s craziest frozen structures, ranging from colossal castles to working ice hotels

Each of these ice and snow properties required expert teams of designers, planners, and winter technic ians to construct their unique and astounding features.  One castle in particular was over 20 feet tall – those working on the structure who have been practicing the art of snow castle building for “only” five years are called snowprentices— the structure was so sturdy, pictures were hung and displayed on its walls.  Many of the showcased properties were presented at festivals and annual events; drawing in large amounts of tourists, as well as locals alike.  One of the most fascinating constructions featured was the Hotel de Glace, an ice hotel in Quebec, Canada, which was the first hotel in the world to offer beds made completely out of ice! Artic sleeping bags are included of course.

Hotel de Glace
Similar to the style of luxury homes, these creations possess a uniqueness and exhibit special characteristics, including individual lighting and design features. And, while they may not be on the market, they sure are a site to behold! Take a look!