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Agent Branding in the Luxury Market

Brad HermesAt last year's Leaders in Luxury, Brad Hermes of Hermes Fine Properties (Keller Williams in Houston) won the Overall Excellence in Personal Marketing with Emphasis on Agent Branding award.  

What makes for good agent branding in the luxury market?  Quite simply it is a combination of reach, positioning and consistent execution.  Put even more simply, it is a function of who sees you, where they see you, how often they see you, what you stand for, and how are you perceived .

As the judge noted about Brad's entry, "Brad does a great variety of self-marketing, including social media and PR.  Plus, the quality of his materials, visual identity, and copy was superb."  

ElegantcardsTake his business cards for example.  The design is simple and elegant.  The card is uncluttered, with plenty of negative space and the typefaces used are "sophisticated" and evoke the desired positioning.  The cards are printed with letter press on a very heavy, fine paper stock and the thickness of each card is two or three times that of the typical business card.  They look and feel substantial.  

BrochureThis strong, visually simple branding is used consistently across his other marketing collateral, and on his website.    On property brochures large, professional photographs and clean design reinforce luxury brand positioning, and consistent use of logos and typefaces reinforce identity.  This is true across every "channel" and even extends to the labels on the water bottles his team provides to clients, as well as the wallpaper and lock screen graphics on the team's iPhones and iPads.

From a messaging standpoint, Hermes Fine Properties consistently positions itself around the notion of a lavish lifestyle with the tagline, "It's impossible to overdo luxury." A great example of this is the website home page which features a slideshow of outstanding photographs of fine homes of varying styles, designed to appeal to a variety of affluent lifestyles. Accompanying each photograph is a word that evokes luxurious excess, like "Opulence" or "Indulgence."  


In terms of reach, Brad seeks to be in front of his targeted prospect group in a variety of "channels." You might see him in the directories of exclusive private schools, in direct mail to a targeted farming list, in social media, in or in PR activities that result in articles in the local paper.  

Although Brad is a market where luxury begins at $500,000, his luxury branding sets a benchmark that still applies in the upper reaches of the luxury niche.