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Setting the stage for a sale with photographs


Good photographs sell homes.  They tell the home's story.  They capture the lifestlye and tug at the heartstrings of real prospects.  

One glance at this photo and you know where you are and what it's all about.  It's a beautiful sunset in Sin City and you're on top of the world! 

Inside, this property is unfinished, raw concrete.  No walls.  No fixtures.  No appliances.  But, location, location, location...views and lifestyle!  That's what the buyer is buying, and this photo captures it perfectly.  


Even the interior shots of the raw space are lifestyle shots that evoke a strong sense of place and potential.

Here's the copy that accompanies these photos:

Privacy and privilege at the center of the universe. Soaring high atop the heart of the Strip, Planet Hollywood Towers has exclusive penthouse residences featuring the unique opportunity to create your own world in the place that defines what Las Vegas is all about.

Imagine your exclusive elevator rocketing you up to the top of the world, opening your door to magnificent views of the Strip and the desert beyond, then surveying every lifestyle amenity you could possibly dream of. VIP residences range from intimate to duplexes of palatial size. Create a quiet haven in the clouds or the ultimate club atmosphere. The layout is yours alone.

Of course, you will enjoy the privileges of private valet, private concierge, private garage area, discreet check-in and all the perks of the Planet Hollywood resort: non-stop action, sandy poolside beach, spa, gym, 24 hour room service.

As you can see, the photos and the copy reinforce each other.  The photos set the stage and the copy fills in key details.  

In the luxury market it's all about lifestlye.  
Every home has a story and it's your job to tell it--with images and words.  

(I found this example on the website of CLHMS and Million Dollar Guild member Gene Northup.  If you have property photos that you think do a great job of telling a home's story, send me a link them at waco(at) and maybe we'll feature them in a future post.  What do you think readers?  Anyone interested in a "photo of the week" type feature?)

Chinese takeout or takeover?


A couple stories in the news which, yet again, highlight the growing influence of Chinese wealth...

(edit 6/14/11 photo replaced)


Who are you?

Interesting post on the 99% Blog today:
The Resume is Dead, The Bio is King.  It is targeted at creatives, but it applies to Real Estate too.  

Here's the challenge:

If you’re a designer, entrepreneur, or creative – you probably haven’t been asked for your resume in a long time. Instead, people Google you – and quickly assess your talents based on your website, portfolio, and social media profiles. Do they resonate with what you’re sharing? Do they identify with your story? Are you even giving them a story to wrap their head around?

And here's the takeaway:

Your bio needs to tell the bigger story. Especially, when you’re in business for yourself, or in the business of relationships. It’s your bio that’s read first. 
To help you with this, your bio should address the following five questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. How can I help you?
  3. How did I get here (i.e. know what I know)?
  4. Why can you trust me?
  5. What do we share in common?

If I went to your website and clicked on your bio what would I find?  

Your bio is your chance to tell your story in your own words, but remember that these questions are being asked and answered beyond the bio too.  

Your website, your market report, your marketing materials, your social media presence are all pieces of this "conversation" and should work together to tell your story.