Three Institute Panelists shared great ideas at NAR, Part 2: Stan Barron
Three Institute panelists shared great ideas at NAR, Part 3: Gayle Henderson

What magazines do the wealthy read?

What publications do the wealthy read?  The nation's richest people spend time reading news  magazines and financial publications according to The Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, released this Fall by Monroe Mendelsohn Research. The wealthy also follow newsmaker and celebrity activities.

Among high net-worth households — the 2.6 million in the U.S. with $1 million plus in liquid/investable assets — the most-read publication is The Wall Street Journal (read by 18 percent of respondents), followed by People (read by 17 percent), National Geographic and Time (16 percent each), and USA Today and Newsweek (15 percent each).  By contrast, 95% of the wealthy spend time Online.